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This blog is a collection of my favorite posts from the past week.

I’ve been working on this blog for a few weeks now, and I’m feeling pretty good about it. I’ve been doing some work to bring this blog closer to what I want it to be, which is just a collection of my favorite blogs of the past week. I’m hoping to do a post a day, but I might just write the post here now.

This blog was originally called “How I Learned to Live with a Zombie,” but that title got a bit too weird. This week’s title is 19th ward blog. As you can see from the link, that was the name I picked for the blog a few weeks back, but I changed it to the one I had for the first month or so. It’s a much more fitting name.

I had to change that name too, because if you don’t know, 19th ward is the home of the infamous 19th ward riot in 2003. It was a place where people lived with the zombies and the police, and while I wouldn’t call it a riot, I felt like that was a fair description.

That name also makes it sound like a bunch of cops who were angry that people were causing trouble in their neighborhood. My own feelings on that matter go way beyond that. I remember being one of the first people to call 19th ward a riot.

To the people who think that the word ‘riot’ is somehow associated with an actual riot, I’d like to remind you that the word ‘riot’ is actually a word that many dictionaries use. It’s found in a long list of words that are used to describe anything that is considered to be either “out of control” or “out of order”.

19th ward is a small, very urban neighborhood filled with middle class people in and around an old, historical neighborhood that dates to before the city was invented. It’s a safe and friendly community, and the people of this community are just generally nice and friendly. But in 19th ward, things are not always so nice and friendly, especially when those things are being done to people who are clearly under-the-radar, or are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

In 19th ward you have to be careful where you’re walking because you are a target of those who work in the area. In the middle of the night, for instance, if you walk around, you can be mistaken for an enemy. If you’re walking, don’t be surprised if you are approached by a gang of armed men.

That is just one of many reasons that 19th ward is one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city. And many of those who are out prowling in 19th ward are violent, dangerous people.

If you are walking around without being picked up, you will be considered a target. If you are walking and youre walking into an area that is considered hard to be found, you are just as likely to be shot as someone walking in the middle of the night.

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