A Fascinating Behind-the-Scenes Look at World Cup 2022.


The FIFA 世足賽2022, one of the world’s most prestigious sporting events, will be hosted in Qatar. History has shown that hosting such an event has both major positive and negative effects for a country. The effects that Qatar will experience in regards to the World Cup are still unknown, but they will probably be significant.

The major positive effect of hosting the World Cup would be an increase in tourism. According to the Qatari Tourism Authority, Qatar is already a welcoming destination for tourists and it plans on increasing tourism even more by utilizing hotels and other resources. In an interview with, Hassan al-Thawadi, executive committee member for Qatar’s successful bid for the 世足賽2022, said that “Qatar will build ten new hotels in preparation for 2022” (

How is Qatar linked to the Olympics?

Qatar was one of the first countries to bid for the 2020 Summer Olympics.4 Both Qatar and Britain are known for having extremely cold weather, yet Australia and Canada successfully hosted the games in both Sydney and Vancouver respectively.

Why should Canada host an Olympics in 2022?

According to a survey conducted by The Globe and Mail newspaper, “Canada has never hosted a winter Olympics” (CBC). If Canada is going to host the Olympics, they should do it as soon as possible. In 2014, Australia was chosen to host the 2018 Winter Olympic games. This is because there are no major cities that could hold such games in their large cities.

Who would benefit most if Canada was chosen to host the Olympics?

The city that would benefit the most from hosting the games would be Toronto since it is a large city. If Toronto was chosen to host it, they could change their infrastructure and build better roads and facilities for more people to attend. It would also cause hotels and other service industries to improve their services.

Would it look good for Canada’s image if we hosted an Olympics?

Yes, because Canada does not have a track record in hosting an Olympic Games. The closest we’ve come is having had a game in Montreal when there were hockey tournaments during the 1976 Summer Olympics.

Why shouldn’t we host the Olympics?

The reason why we shouldn’t host the Olympics is because there have been problems with infrastructure. For example, during the Vancouver Winter Olympics, there was a problem with transportation. Many of the buses they used had problems and there weren’t enough seats inside of them. These are just some of the reasons why Canada shouldn’t host an Olympic Games in 2022.

Are there any benefits to hosting an Olympic Games?

If we were going to host the Olympics, it could boost our economy by an estimated $3 billion per year for 30 years. This is because it would attract tourists from all over the world and they would boost our economy. This is according to an article in The Globe and Mail newspaper.

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