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I am a bel chick Miami lifestyle blogger. I am also known as a Miami girl’s girl and a Beli (English) girl. I am blessed to be born in South Florida, live in Miami, and love to travel. I have studied abroad for a semester in the UK and plan to travel back for more. My interests are in fashion, style, and beauty. I love to blog and talk about the things I love.

You can find me on twitter @bel_chick1 or on the blog bel chick miami lifestyle blog.

The Beli girls are a group of young women who are living outside of their mothers’ homes in South Florida. They have come together to form a community of women who are doing the same thing. They are creating a unique lifestyle, one that is different than the one their mothers have created for them. They say they are “pioneers” who are trying to break the mold of what is considered acceptable. In the process, they are creating their own standards and rules for life.

I think when I first heard about bel chick miami lifestyle blogger miami blog I was a little skeptical. I didn’t know a lot about the group yet. But I was pleasantly surprised when I read through the first page. The girls are a unique bunch. They’re living the life of their dreams. They’re creating a lifestyle that’s not typical for women, but they’re not the typical women either.

As a woman in the 21st century, you will be expected to be a part of a group of women who are doing something different. But the fact that theyre doing it in a way that is so unique and so different from women today is what makes this place unique. Bel chick miami lifestyle blogger miami blog is a group of women who are not cookie cutter. Theyre not your typical group of fun loving girls either.

Bel chick miami lifestyle blogger miami blog has over a thousand unique and individual members. The women are the product of a unique group of women. This group of women has created a lifestyle that is as different from the typical ones of women today as modern day music. For instance, its a lifestyle where there is no smoking, no drinking and no hooking up. You could even see a difference from women today in the way they dress.

The ladies that Bel chick miami lifestyle blogger miami blog, are the result of the hard work of a group of women who have dedicated themselves to creating an online community of different women who share their lifestyle and lifestyle blogs. Bel chick miami lifestyle blogger miami blog is a unique community of women in which all women are welcome to become members. It is a community that has a difference that most women today do not see.

The difference. Women today dress differently than women in the past. What this means is that women today are allowed to dress however they like, as long as they follow certain rules. Today women dress down to the point that there is often very little clothing left. This has the effect of giving women the freedom to dress however they want, but it also leads to many women feeling as though they don’t have control over their bodies.

Bel is a fashion blogger in Miami and Miami based, and one of the most active community members on the Internet. She’s been blogging for over a decade, and has always maintained a personal style that is very particular to her. You can see her blogging at her flickr account, and her blog at

She’s currently wearing a very chic dress, with a jacket in all black and a white button down shirt. She’s also wearing her favorite clutch, and I have to admit, she looks gorgeous.

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