20 Things You Should Know About bob mercer blog


The author of the blog “Bob Mercer” is a writer who specializes in short stories, essays, and columns.

Bob Mercer is the author of three books, one of which is a short story collection called “A Few Little Pieces.” He’s also the owner of the website

Bob Mercer’s blog is about writing and stuff. He has a lot of very interesting things to say.

One of the first things that Bob Mercer says about writing is that it is a kind of “hobby.” He even goes so far as to say that he never intended to be a writer, but by writing it he has found a way to make a living.

So, as I’ve said before, Bob Mercer is a very funny guy and his writing is just as funny as it is.

In fact, he’s also one of the funniest people I know. I’ve been a Bobmercer for about three years and I’ve had the time of my life. His writing is always so funny and his sense of humor is just as deep.

He might be a bit of a nerd himself, but Ive always been a big fan of the man. One of his most recent columns, “A Writer’s Job”, is a must read. Its the kind of piece you can laugh at, but its also a very honest look at the working world. In it, he explains how he started writing, how the world first changed when he realized it was just a hobby, and how he later started writing full time.

That said, it doesn’t hurt that his writing is always funny or that his sense of humor is as great as his sense of self. He also has a great sense of style. He seems to take himself way too seriously at times, but he seems to do it in a way that is very honest.

One reason I like bob mercer is because I know a lot of people who have similar careers, yet they only have the one job. Even if I never want to be someone else’s boss, his blog shows that he is someone who wants to be a part of the world, not just the world. He seems to be very open about his feelings towards his job, and that, I think, is why he is so effective at it.

Mercer’s blog has been one of the most popular blogs on our website. Of course, we wouldn’t want to take the words of those who have made it their home for too long out of the mouths of those who don’t. But we want to put our blog out there because we think it’s a great way to help us all realize that we all have choices and it does not always have to go in a certain direction.

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