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I have been known to take a bit of a “me” time out to enjoy myself, and when I return, I usually find myself back on the blog-set to post pictures, recipes, and random thoughts.

I’m not sure if the blog is still here, but I’ll try to make a note of any new posts here. And since I’ve been known to take a bit of a me time out to enjoy myself, I also have a couple of links here for you to enjoy.

A few weeks ago I was interviewed by an online magazine called, The World, and the interview was posted on their website. The piece, “How to Start a Blog,” was written by doug wilson, who was then the editor-in-chief of the magazine.

The interview was a good one, and I think doug has a unique perspective on the blogging industry. In fact, I believe he has a unique perspective on so many things. You can check out some of his videos and articles at

One of the most interesting aspects of doug´s life is his involvement with the movie industry. He is currently the Executive Vice President and Chief Creative Officer of Twentieth Century Fox, which has produced a number of critically-acclaimed films. He was nominated for an Oscar in the category of Best Director for his work on the movie The Imitation Game.

You can check out some of his other works at One of the more interesting articles I’ve read recently is about the use of video games in education. It’s funny to see someone who has a very unique and interesting perspective on an industry that is very much based on the consumerism of the 20th century. He also has a great blog on how video games can be used in the classroom.

I think that video games are a great way to expose students to new ideas and concepts, and to allow students to learn from their friends. That being said, I don’t think that the gaming industry is perfect for education. Its important, though, that the games are educational and fun to play. I think that the most important part of gaming is the interaction they create.

He also has a great blog on how video games can be used in the classroom.

The idea of video games being used in the classroom is a hot one. I am not sure if games can be used in schools, but there are a lot of kids in my high school who play video games. I just imagine these kids are running around like zombies, and it would be hard to tell if they were doing it for fun or for school credit. But just in case, I thought I would mention a few places I’ve seen videos of kids playing video games in the classroom.

I like to say that the most popular game I have seen being used in schools is Minecraft. I also do not know if Minecraft has been used in the classroom, but there are some videos showing kids playing the game outside of their classroom (which is definitely the wrong place for playing games).

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