15 Hilarious Videos About el blog del narco decapitados


I was at the park, and I thought it was a normal day. Then I thought about it for hours.

I have a theory that the term “narco decapitados” doesn’t actually have a literal meaning in Spanish. However, it is a literal word in English, and a recent Facebook post in Spain on the subject was just like me.

El blog del narco decapitados is a recent Facebook post. In the post, someone posted pictures of decapitated bodies on the internet. They also posted some of the gruesome details, such as the person was in a deep sleep.

A popular belief is that a person is “paraded” on the internet (para pasar por internet). This happens when a person posts a picture of a body on Facebook or Twitter and then comments that the person is in a deep sleep. These comments are called “paro de comentarios” (“comment-popping”). The idea behind this is to create a sense of panic in the person who’s posting the picture.

People who believe that paro de comenta are paro de desinformaciones are usually not very smart. Not only is it completely incorrect, but it is extremely disturbing to see someone post a picture of a person in a deep sleep. It would be a lot easier to be a police officer and arrest the person for the crime of “paro de comenta”. So, if you are the paranoid type, there are lots of ways that you can be more paranoid in the future.

The paro de comenta is a paro de desinformacion (paro de commentar), where commenters on a given piece of information post their thoughts on it. Paro de comenta can be about anything, but it usually refers to the way that information is presented. For example, if the information is presented in a way that can be misinterpreted, then it is paro de comenta.

The paro de comenta is a simple way of posting information about something that may or may not be true, without being annoying, disrespectful, or disruptive in any way. It is also a simple way of keeping track of how much information you are getting from other people, and it is also a way of keeping track of your own thoughts on the matter. The fact that it’s a thing is not to be taken literally, but it is an important part of our lives.

With paro de comenta it is important to keep track of the information you are receiving, to be aware of what you are hearing, hearing from others, and to keep track of what you are thinking at any given time. The problem with paro de comenta is that it is often misunderstood or misinterpreted. One of the things that makes it so easy to misunderstand paro de comenta is that it is usually used in the context of something that is not true.

Paro de comenta is a paro de memoria, which is an electronic recording of a message that was received by the person or group who received it. The word paro comes from the Spanish for “para record.” This is because paro de memoria is a way of writing a message, which is generally used as a means of keeping a record of something, whether it is a conversation, a conversation that you have with someone, or simply a note that you write.

The word decapitados, which means “headless corpses,” is used to describe someone who has committed suicide, but have a large body of evidence to support their claim. In this case, the evidence is that the body is still in the ground and the person has not been found. This is because in many cases, the person or group claiming to have decapitados are not the person or group that actually killed the person or group.

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