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I’ve been blogging about estate planning for a few years now, and I’ve always thought it was an important topic to discuss. I see a lot of people that aren’t estate planners, but I think estate planning is an important topic. I see so many people that aren’t estate planners but are concerned about their estate’s ability to protect assets or taxability. These people usually find themselves at the end of the process with no assets, no income, and no desire to pass down their estate.

If you are concerned about your estate, I would strongly encourage you to contact a lawyer to be sure your estate is in good shape. But be careful not to make too many assumptions about your estate. Many people say things like, “Well, I don’t really need my house because it already has a pool and yard.” Or, “My parents were never home for the first few years of their marriage because they were always on tour.

A recent survey of 1,200 lawyers indicated that only 7% of respondents said they’d ever advised their clients to sell their home. The survey asked the exact question of every single lawyer in that group. The results were pretty surprising. The majority of respondents (86%) said they’d advised their clients to sell their home. But even the advice was very mixed.

That’s because a lot of estate planning advice is misinformed. The survey also found that the majority of respondents believed their clients should take out a home equity loan, but that only 13% advised their clients to do so. What’s more, less than 20% of respondents said they’d advise their clients to sell their home if the asking price is less than their home’s current value, and only 10% said they’d advise them to sell their home to pay off their home equity loan.

I’m not sure there is a right answer here. Some of my clients have chosen to sell their home because they were unable to secure a mortgage, while others have sold their home because they were unable to afford to pay off their loan.

If you’re thinking about selling your home, you may want to consider a number of factors before you decide whether to sell or not. Here are a few.

First and foremost, you need to know that most banks only give you one chance to get a mortgage. That means that if you have a home, you may end up living in your house just long enough for your interest to pay off your mortgage. In order to qualify for a mortgage, you have to have an income of at least 20% of the home’s value. If your home sits on one acre, you need to have at least three acres to qualify for a mortgage.

This is why estate planning is so important. The reality is, most of us spend most of our lives in our own houses. We build our lives and our homes around the people we have around us. If your house is a mess or you’re just renting but you want to have a house that is nice to live in, it’s important to remember that you must make this decision carefully.

A little house is a big house. A little home is a little house. Not everyone is able to own a little house, and that may not even matter for the majority of people. If you have a big house, you will likely have a big mortgage. You will probably need to make a few more payments on the mortgage or it will become a significant burden.

If your house is big and you dont have a lot of money, you may have more problems than you think. There are a lot of things that can go wrong if you arent careful. You could have your house repossessed, it could be foreclosed, or your house could be condemned and you could be homeless. For those people who have no money they may be better off renting a room in a local hotel.

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