fapppening blog: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


This is the first blog I am going to be posting regularly, so I have a few rules.

First, I am not going to be posting regularly. I am going to be a regular visitor to fapppeningblog, which is a one-year blog that I am starting in December. Basically, I am going to be covering the same topics that I do for my personal blog, but I am going to be writing about them more often.

It’s also a one year blog, but I am going to be writing more about fapppeningblog than I am writing about my personal site. I’ve got some other posts on my site now, and I’ll be continuing to post on the blog as well. It’s a good thing I don’t have to update my blog to get links, because I already have about three dozen.

If you want to get in on the fapppening blog fun, and help me get my fapppening blog link-o-matrix going, you can sign up at the fapppeningblog page.

What a way to spend an afternoon, if you ask me. I started this blog as a way to keep current with the fapppening blog and its happenings. Now that I have a new blog, I am going to take it in a new direction, by writing more about the fapppening blog and its happenings.

As it turns out, I have some pretty cool stuff happening in my fapppening blog. In fact, this is a really awesome thing. I just want to show off a couple of the things I have going at the moment. I am going to start a new blog that will have links to, so you can go to that new blog and see what the latest is.

Oh, and I will start a new blog as well, but I am not going to write much there yet. But I am getting a little more confident with my blogging.

The fapppening blog was made specifically for people who want to write about anything they’re passionate about and want to write about it in a very interesting and unique way. The blog has no rules, no theme, and no set format. I think it’s a fantastic way to keep your writing interesting and unique while also making you feel good about what you write.

It is one of the most in-depth and detailed blogs I have come across in quite some time. It has a huge amount of information, and is organized in a very organized way that makes it much easier to navigate. I highly recommend checking it out.

I love fapppening. It’s unique because you can write about anything you want with absolutely no boundaries or restrictions. I love it because it’s the perfect place for me to share my thoughts about anything. I like that it’s a place where I can write about anything that interests me and have people read it.

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