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The REFUTE Method is a new method to play at the online casinos. It’s based on the most profitable online casino game, LULU. LULU starts with an initial bet by you and your opponent, after which the real betting begins. Every card combination with 9+ pays out all-ways and more than double your initial bet! Six decks of cards are used in LULU games and the house edge is less than 1%. The dealers will take care of you while playing this poker game in an stimulating atmosphere.

What is REFUTE and how does it work?

Bada78 is a casino poker-poker method. It has been introduced by the book “REFUTE – The Casino Poker-Poker Method”. It allows you to get an over 1% edge on each poker hand and can logically only be played in combination with LULU. Lulu(short for Slot) casino poker is a blend between 5 card stud and draw poker. It uses one hand of five cards dealt to each player at the start of the round; this is called “the deal”. In the next round, each player can discard one or more cards in exchange for new ones from a virtual deck of 52 cards. Each card discarded is replaced by the next available card from the virtual deck. The new hands are then shown to all players. Combinations with 9+ pay out even on ties, which makes Lulu the most profitable game in a casino!

Can I really get an edge in poker and at what criteria?

Yes, you can get an over 1% edge in poker using REFUTE as long as you meet these criterias:

1)A table with at least 7 players is full and you are playing against other players who are not using REFUTE.

2) The game you play is 5 card draw poker at a casino in which the “deal” can be played.

3) The casino has 6-6 limits, so that the probability of winning a hand (4-4 or better) is below 10%.

4) You play your minimum bet. If you choose to play with an even smaller bet, you will get less advantage from REFUTE.

You should also realise that these criterias are not set in stone but will vary from table to table. For example, if the players have an edge of less than 1%, then the odds of getting 4-4 or better will reduce accordingly. However, that’s not all! If the players are experienced and are using Bada78 to their advantage, then they will have a smaller edge. So in order to get a 1% advantage, you will need to get a larger edge at other tables.

The premise of REFUTE is to make even money bets (with odds of 1:1) and make these bets more often than the casino would like. In order for this strategy to work well and for your chances of winning to exceed 10%, the table has to be full of other non-REFUTE players. These players increase your winnings by making them lose money.

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