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I’ve been thinking a lot about our own self-awareness lately. I’ve written about it and recently read a wonderful book that makes this point very clear, by Dr. Elizabeth Gilbert.

I know many of you are likely to be in the same boat I am, but I want to dive into this subject even deeper. A person’s self-awareness is a combination of three things: self-awareness, self-attention, and self-consciousness. Self-consciousness is the awareness of our own thoughts, desires, feelings, and behaviors. Self-attention is the ability to notice self-consciousness.

This is the point in which we see self-awareness in action. This is where self-awareness is most obvious in action. When I am on a plane, I’m staring at the scenery and trying to figure out how to get off this plane and fly to another. While I’m doing this, I am aware that I am still on the plane. My thoughts are in the back of my mind, and I am aware of what I am thinking.

The point is that it is possible to be aware, aware, and yet unaware. There is a point where Self-Attention stops, and consciousness takes over. It’s like a power couple that has sex, and yet they are never aware of it. That’s the point. Self-Attention does not equal awareness of our own thoughts, desires, feelings, and behaviors. It simply means that we are aware of them.

This is a good idea. It is important for us to get away from the idea that we are aware of our own thoughts, desires, feelings, and behaviors, as we are aware of them, therefore we are aware. If we are aware, it is not because we think of it or feel it, and it is not because we are aware of our thoughts, then we don’t even need to consider what is going on. We can just be aware.

The idea of awareness is very important. We tend to forget how important it is. We can take a few minutes to realize we are aware of our thoughts, desires, feelings, and behaviors, but we will easily forget how important it is. If we don’t even take time to realize how important awareness is, we are not aware.

In the world of philosophy, there is a concept known as “theory of mind” which explains how we are aware of things. This is a very useful concept to understand as we start to understand what awareness is. It is like any theory. You might think you know you are aware of your thoughts, but if you go back and think about it, you will find that you don’t really know.

Theory of mind is the ability to understand and understand another person’s perspective, thoughts, and feelings. The ability to see a thought from the other person’s point of view is called perspective taking, and it is a very important part of our self-awareness. And the fact that we dont really even realize that we are aware of every single thought and feeling we have in our head is exactly why we are so prone to making bad decisions.

A lot of our thoughts and feelings are automatically linked into our memories and we tend to forget that we are aware of them when we are asleep, as we do the same for our emotions. The idea of thinking we are awake and aware and then forgetting what we think is called memory hijacking and is one of the biggest problems with forgetting things and not having control over them.

This is why we need to use our conscious awareness to control our subconscious and prevent it from hijacking our memories.

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