The Intermediate Guide to mommy blog names ideas


We can have a lot of ideas for our blog, and then we decide what to write about. Here are some ideas I have for you.

Some of you have heard of my blogging name, Mommy Blog. I have a husband named Jim. We have three kids. My daughter is named Molly and my son is named Brian. I like to have a blog for every occasion. You know, like birthdays, for example, I like to have a blog for that. For every date I post a blog about that I call out a few things to do or see on that day.

We also have a blog called “Molly and Jim” because it seemed funny the first time we started it. We are a family of four and my daughter and I decided we wanted something to occupy our time. We have a lot of family things we like to do, and mommy blogger is definitely one of them. Also, I don’t know if you are a fan of mommy blogging or if you were introduced to it, but there is a name for it.

Mommy blogging is a term coined by blogger Sherry Turkle. It’s basically the practice of creating blogs where one writes about one’s personal life with the intention of others reading it.

Although it seems like a great idea, it has never really worked. I think it’s because we try to do things for ourselves that we find ourselves doing them for others. The only time we can really do this is when we are alone, and then its really lonely, and it’s not going to bring us any sort of happiness, for some reason. But if we were to try it, it would be like trying to write a book.

We are often the ones who try to write a book. But when we try to write a book for others, we are just trying to write a book for ourselves. Sure, we can still write a book for our own, but it becomes self-centered. It becomes us telling ourselves we are the ones who are going to write the book and telling our friends we are going to write the book. That’s not really the goal of writing a book, but we do it anyway.

This is the part where we might have to stop. We are the ones who might have to stop. When we make lists of things we want to accomplish, we are the ones who might have to stop. Instead, we might have to stop trying to write a book. We might have to stop doing what we were doing before we had a book to write.

Maybe we should have a book. Maybe we shouldn’t do what we were doing before we had a book to write. Maybe we should do what we were doing before we had a book to write. Or maybe we should just stop writing books. We won’t get around to finishing a book. There’s no point. We’ll still have to write one of these lists of ideas that we keep referring to, so we might as well make them our list of things to write.

We’re going to have a book in some form or fashion, and this is our list of ideas. It feels weird to be writing it this way, when we could just make that list another time, but we’ll see how it all goes. It’s a list of things to write about, but the idea is to do this. We want to write a book. It’s not the end of the world, so don’t worry.

Yeah, this is sort of like our list of ideas, but a little more serious in that it’s a list of what we want to do with the book. We can choose to write it as a book, or a series of short stories, or a collection of essays, or a series of blog posts. It can be anything we want to do with it.

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