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I’m so happy that I found this blog. I feel so much more empowered than before I posted. I don’t believe I would have found this blog if I didn’t have a blog to look at. I’m not a writer; I’m an art and decorator who lives on an island in the middle of the ocean.

I think this whole blog thing is a great idea. I like it when I have a place to post my own stuff and I’m not relying on others to do this. I’m all about self-expression, so this is a great way to share what I’m doing with some new people.

I think it also shows a bit of our new age of self-awareness and the way we think, what we say, what we do. You see a lot of posts about life, the economy, politics, etc. but there are quite a few blogs about self-improvement.

It’s a good thing that we have a new blogger on the scene who is interested in self-improvement, but I’d like to point out that in my own blog I post pretty much everything I’m working on. If we’re being nice to the new blogger, I’m just being honest about my own progress. If I’m being self-aggressively self-critical, well, that’s my choice.

Well, that’s a very self-conscious response. But it might be a more legitimate one. After all, the whole reason Im blogging is so that I can learn from what Im doing, and I have to admit Im pretty good at my own stuff.

I don’t have anything to hide, even if Im not. If I like what Im doing, and I dont like what Im doing, I just dont feel like saying. I mean, if I was going to say something, I would probably say something, and Im not one to be bashful.

Well, I know what Im talking about, and Im not bashful about that. So, yeah, I like what I am doing. And yeah, I dont like what I am doing. So I dont say anything. I dont hide it.

It’s easy to hide our feelings. I have so much stuff to say and I’m not going to keep hiding behind a screen. That’s not how we live our lives. It’s not how we should live our lives.

I do what I do to let you know how I feel about what Im doing, and I hope that helps. I am just so tired of hearing about the “we should live our lives” thing and the “we should be in control of our lives” thing. I dont know how I can make my life better without that.

You’re right, there’s the fear of not being able to control your life, and so you hide it. But what you’re not doing is hiding behind a screen of indifference and apathy. You’re not shutting yourself off from anyone and everyone, though, so you don’t have to be that way.

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