shobhade blog: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think


My blog is called shobhade blog. I think it is because the post title is that of a deity and the blog is dedicated to the god of shobhade.

When you write something on shobhade’s blog at, you are posting on shobhade’s blog. You are also blogging on shobhade’s blog. When you are using an image from shobhade’s blog, you are also using shobhade’s blog. When you are using a link from shobhade’s blog, you are also using shobhade’s blog.

If we don’t want to be identified behind the blog name we can simply write “shobhade blog” or “shobhade” or “shobhade”.

On there is a contact form. You can contact shobhade by leaving a comment at the blog post. Or, you can also join shobhade’s discord server.

There is also a group discord server for the shobhades blog. We have many people that are willing to help out and are willing to give you advice and feedback. If you are not sure how to join the discord server please review our How To Join Discord Server.

We are not allowed to join the discord server.

Yes, we are.

You can also follow shobhade on Twitter and Tumblr.

That’s it. We look forward to seeing how your new blog posts and the shobhade community will be.

The blog is not just a blog. Its an extension of the shobhade community. We are also a group of artists, writers, and gamers who live together and work together. We have a Discord server for the blog, but that is not the only way we communicate. The members of the shobhade community are always on the lookout for new friends and new ways to stay connected.

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