12 Steps to Finding the Perfect tumblr blog only opens in dashboard


The only reason this didn’t open in the dashboard was because the dashboard had to scroll to reach the blog.

This is because the blog only works in the dashboard on On, your dashboard opens in the tumblr homepage while you are in the dashboard. Then you can go to any page on that page except the dashboard, if you’re logged in with a Tumblr account.

The blog works on the dashboard while logged in with a Tumblr account, but not on is the main Tumblr site on, and only allows blogs to open in the dashboard. If you want to open a blog on, you have to go to the tumblr homepage. So is a bit of a pain to go to, but it’s good to know it exists.

Blogs are very important to Tumblr and Twitter. In fact, tumblr has more than ten thousand blogs to choose from. A lot of blogs that aren’t on are on, so they’re better than those that are.

But the thing is, the blog that you want to open isn’t on It’s on So you have to go there to open it, and that takes about five minutes. But then you have to figure out how to get to So if you’re really impatient, you could just open the blog on your own.

The thing is though that you’re on your own. You don’t know where is. You have no idea if you’ve got the login key. And if you’ve spent two hours trying to get to only to have it completely blocked by your ISP, you’re not going to be able to go back to

Tumblr blogs are all the rage on Tumblr. What if instead of you just used your email to get to it? Or something like that.

To get to youll need to go to and then go to the dashboard.

I love tumblr but it’s a terrible site for me. I find myself using my email to login to tumblr for every blog I visit. Thats a lot of effort for a site that’s pretty basic. It’s also very annoying because you can’t actually tell where you have been at all. If you want to go to youll need to go to tumblr.comblogyour_blog_name.

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