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I’ll be the first to admit that I am a law-and-order blogger. I wrote this post because I really enjoyed hearing the stories of the veterans that I interact with each day. I’ve been a long-time law & justice blogger and have a very eclectic group of readers. Some of my favorites include the first female lawyer to run for sheriff in Mississippi, former U.S. Marine, and a former D.A.

This blog post has been read more by a group of lawyers than by any other law blog. The posts are usually not about legal issues but instead about the stories of those that I interact with.

Law blogs are by and large written by lawyers. I have written a few myself and have a great deal of respect for them. But I also think that any of us can write a good law blog if we take an interest in writing for and about law itself. Ive been a long time reader of this blog, and I’ve enjoyed the stories from those that I interact with every day.

I think the main reason I started it is because I was interested in the stories that go on in the legal profession. I know that there are many stories that are not told about the profession because of the way that it is practiced. I think because I was not a lawyer, I could relate to these stories more as a fan instead of as a journalist. I have enjoyed writing for them over the years, so I think I can relate to them as well.

Of course, when I started the blog, I thought it was going to be about the stories I’ve read. However, I think it has really turned out to be about the stories that I’ve met, and therefore as a fan, I want to share them with readers. I know that I have the same stories as the ones that I read, but I am also a fan of stories that are not told.

I think the blog is great because it gives the stories that are not “officially” published in newspapers and magazines a voice. The fan fiction aspect is a great way for readers to share their stories with each other. There are also some interesting tidbits to be found here: what the blogs writer, John Smith, called the “dark side” of journalism.

I mean it is a little dark, but, hey, you don’t have to be a real estate agent to tell good stories. Just take the time to read the blogs and you can tell your own.

I’ve recently started reading some of John’s blog posts, and it’s interesting to note that the story he tells about his first assignment is very similar to an assignment he went on to write for a book.

I’ve never been to law school, but my first assignment, at the University of Florida, was writing a law review article. The job was to write a one-paragraph answer, and if you could do that, you were in. (The article was not published, but it did get some attention.) After that it was a simple matter of writing up my first blog post.

The article about the writing job was actually my first foray into blogging. I did a lot of writing for law school classes, and I was always happy to get something written about. I think I actually wrote the entire first blog post in a single afternoon.

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