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Why Is Totosusa The Most Trending Thing Now?

By is The Toto Investigation Unit, a food and drink verification company. From early private Totos after the launch of Sports Toto, The Toto Investigation Unit has always been committed to collecting information on food and drink sites with proper verification methods in order to eradicate so-called food and drink sites that do not pay recharges or winnings. This is a food and run site started by The Toto Investigation Unit. On this site we verify any kind of food or drink type that is questionable by providing feedback on credit card transactions such as deposits, withdrawals, winnings and prizes.

What is Totosusa?

Totosusa is a ‘food and drink’ site where you can find food and drink menus that are verified by The Toto Investigation Unit. We verify all the information on the food and drink menu so that you can use it safely. This site is the safest food and drink verification site among all sites.

What is ‘food and drink menu’?

A ‘food and drink menu’ is a menu where users can order and pay for food or drinks that are paid for by phone or credit card at a specific price per item. The Toto Investigation Unit accepts the fact that a part of the menus such as ‘Toto’, ‘Proto’, and ‘Batman’ are legally operated, but we verify all menus that provide credit card payment services as our food and drink site to protect consumers from fraudulent sites.

Why are you providing a site?

In recent years, many illegal finance sites have appeared through private Totos not only in Korea but also overseas. We received complaints from overseas users that they were unable to use the illegal Totos because “the third party site was too tricky.” So, we have decided to provide a safe site for users who just want to use Totosusa.

What are the ‘proper methods’ you use?

We check credit card information and payment transactions which are seriously trusted in order to prevent fraud. In addition, we also verify the safety of online banking systems through IP address investigation procedures of the bank and the food and drink site’s server.

What is the verification method?

Identify the credit card information of customers that you are interested in verifying by visiting Totosusa. First, identify the credit card information that you want to verify such as its brand, account number, expiration date, security code, and bank name. Next, check the information by paying for it with your own credit card at a self-service site or in person at a restaurant or cafeteria. Please let the staff know that you would like to pay for an item you ordered on a Toto site so that they can make a note of it on your bill.

Who is The Toto Investigation Unit?

The Toto Investigation Unit is a food and drink verification business that was established in Korea according to the country’s laws. We have been using new methods such as credit card information and payment transactions that are seriously trusted to verify all adding, withdrawing, winning and prize offers on sports Totos such as ‘Toto’, ‘Proto’, and ‘Batman’.

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