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Zonker is a blog devoted to the topic of self-awareness. The blog is written by a writer who is in the process of learning how to be aware of his or her actions so he or she doesn’t fall into the same trap. Zonker is not a book, so it is up to the reader to decide whether or not they are interested.

Zonker is a blog, which means I have to keep track of all the pages I read and read them. Although I try to make sure I read at least one post a day, I do not always remember to do so. And I have an opinion, which I share with the other readers, so I have to keep it to myself.

Zonker is an experiment I’ve been doing for the last month or so. I’ve been going through every post that has been published by my friend, J, so I am able to read what he’s written without the fear of being judged. I’ve also been taking a look at the comments that I get (for the most part) which are often quite a bit more insightful than I could ever hope to read.

I was first affected by Zonker when I started following him on Twitter. It was a bit like being called upon to provide my opinions about how the world should function.

Zonker is an interesting guy. He is a self-proclaimed “zombie-bunny.” You may remember him from his long, rambling posts about zombie movies. They are also his favorite thing to do on Twitter. He is also the creator of a number of other interesting online memes, including one of the most popular ones, “I like to cook.” He also has a blog.

The blog is called We’re not sure what it is. It’s an online blog about online culture. It is mostly about what people are talking about and writing about. It also has this zonker-beer-mashing-the-Internet thing going on. (For those of you who don’t know what that means, it’s basically a bunch of random people posting stuff on a website and seeing what people think.

The zonker-beer-mashing-the-Internet thing is a popular one. It has a zonker-related blog called the zonker-beer-mashing-the-Internet. I feel it’s kind of fun to read in the morning before work. It’s like a mix of P.G. Wodehouse and Dr. Who.

Like I said above, people are writing about random stuff. I guess Zonker is trying to get the zonker-beer-mashing-the-Internet, but I wouldn’t expect it to be that popular. And it’s funny – I’ve seen this thing go down a few times and people are always saying it was funny.

One thing I really like about zonker is that it takes its audience seriously. It takes a joke seriously, and it takes the zonker-beer-mashing-the-Internet seriously. The zonker-beer-mashing-the-Internet is not joking. It’s actually saying something. The zonker-beer-mashing-the-Internet is saying that the shit is funnier than the zonker-beer-mashing-the-Internet.

The zonker-beer-mashing-the-Internet also says that the shit is funnier than the zonker-beer-mashing-the-Internet because the zonker-beer-mashing-the-Internet isn’t trying to be funny. It’s trying to be serious, but it’s not trying to be funny. The zonker-beer-mashing-the-Internet is actually trying to be funny.

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